Yo La Tengo Tree Dvd & Figures Set


From dangerousminds.net:Adorable Yo La Tengo dolls, designed by Jim Woodring! Yo La Tengo has teamed up with renowned comix practitioner Jim Woodring, author of The Frank Book and other light classics, to present a swell collection of cute soft-vinyl dolls for those who pre-order their new DVD Tree, available in late November 2013.The three dolls represent the three members of Yo La Tengo: The ecstatic creatures that inhabit ‘The Tree’ are the three beings blessed by the god of music.”This product is a set of DVD and 3 soft-vinyl dolls. The DVD contains an original animation (5:20 minutes) of a mind-blowing colorful dream world that centers on the Tree and the 3 whimsical characters. It is made by a Japanese production company that specialize in hand-drawn animation: drop. And of course, All NEW music by Yo La Tengo! The 3 colorful soft-vinyl dolls were sculpted by Japanese master sculptor: Tomohiro Yasui. Beautiful packaging design by Jim Woodring with a bonus comic on the back.”Each figurine 3.4″ to 4″ tall. 13″ with packaging.

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