Jesika Von Rabbit – Journey Mitchell Lp


Journey Mitchell is the debut solo album by lead singer, keyboardist, and songwriter of GRAM RABBIT, JESIKA von RABBIT. The album reflects a shift in energy for Jesika von Rabbit now that Gram Rabbit are on a sabbatical of undetermined length. For her new project which was entirely written and recorded on her own, von Rabbit is extending the electronic element of Gram Rabbit with “Adult Theme-Park Pop” – sizzeling celestial new-wave psych-disco with elements of dreamy, airy electronica.  The first 500 copies of the LP comes on clear vinyl with a bonus track! Track listing:Metanoia / Glamourous MiseryPsychic SpiceSpooky ActionPut Your Weight On MeYou Drive Ape (You Big Gorilla) (Vinyl only bonus track!)GaydarLooking for a WeirdoSugarwater ManThe Way That I WantShe Bop  Check out the video for “Psychic Spice”Product Code: ID1233164

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